Happy Birthday, Christi!

Every once in a lifetime, I meet someone so profoundly amazing, to be with them is to stand in the presence of brilliance. My mind can hardly focus on witty repartee as it tries to keep up and assimilate the input from a dazzling source of soul light....more
@Cindyhuber Hey there, Cindy! Yes! Christi is amazing in everything she does, including her ...more

Book Review - The Hunger Games

    When my daughter first mentioned her interest...more

Why I Wrote a Character with Autism

(My kids, Adrienne and Nick.)The easy answer, I guess, is that I have a son who has Asperger's Syndrome. I wanted Nick to have a book with a character in it that's like him....more

Choosing to Self-Publish

I've written three novels and four novellas. I love all of them. I think they're really good.Of course, I may not be objective. After all, it was me that put hours and months into pulling the words out and putting them together into a story. All 2000 or so pages of my collected body of work represents me. It would be odd for me to think they sucked, wouldn't it?...more