The Quarter Life Crisis

  Are you kidding me? I’ve heard of a mid-life crisis and an identity crisis but a “quarter-life crisis”? How many more crises can one take in a lifetime?...more

Being A Perpetual Adolescent

There is something seriously wrong with my generation. And I am speaking for myself, as well as many countless anonymous others. I truly hate to generalize...but it's something I've noticed, now more than ever. Even in myself, although I'm a bit embarrassed to state so. What is it? We just don't seem to want to grow up. We're perpetual adolescents....more

10(+) Gifts for Teen Readers

Books are my favorite thing to give as gifts and when my nieces and nephews were young it never failed that they would get a book under the tree from Aunt Karen. I tried very hard to match books with their interests but I learned an important lesson in gift giving through the years -- books will be better received by even reluctant readers if you pair it with something else. Here's a gift guide with 10 books that teens will enjoy and a little something extra to wrap up with them. ...more
Lots of titles I haven't read and GREAT ideas for coupling with presents. I feel quite inspired ...more

7 Money Tips for College Students

College is an exciting time in a young person's life. It is the first time that many folks are learning to become independent. Along with the experience of making new friends, trying out majors, and exploring career paths, however, come the challenges of learning to manage one's personal finances. Here are seven money tips that will help a college student....more

Parents Are Just People and Sometimes Children Need to Struggle

I am almost an empty nester. I haven’t been able to put my thoughts into words until I saw that movie last night. My son graduated from college a week ago. His growth into adulthood has been painful for the entire family. He has struggled with every part of studying, taking tests, caring for himself, and social relationships. But he had grown in many aspects of his academia....more

A wise psychologist I work with is raising his two sons alone when his wife died 10 years ago. ...more

The New Site Figment Asks Users to "Write Yourself In"

I stopped writing out of the fear that someone would find it. It took the explosion of the Internet and blogs to really get me to start working with words again. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had the Internet been more accessible when I was in high school; if the online communities I see out there now had been around -- online communities such as, the literary community for young adults. Would I have been less afraid to write? ...more

Oh, wow. I would have loved that as a teen and in college. I remember how enamored I was with ...more

Twelfth Day -- A Young Adult Novel in Parts: Chapter One--December 26 Boxing Day

Then followeth St. Stephen’s Day … And Boxing Day as well. When Stephen was the first martyr— And animals tales can tell. —Folk rhyme.“What’s a ‘martyr’? Is that one of those creatures that’s half man, half horse?” Brie wondered out loud.“Oh, no, of course, that’s a centaur!” she corrected herself. “But it’s something old and scary, I’m sure … ”...more

3 Books on How to Help GenY Become Adults

The stories are all over the newspapers. The younger generation known as GenY, Millennials or Digital Natives do not want to grow up and become adults. I have found three excellent books that explore the reasons why, and what we as parents can do to ensure that this next generation grows up to lead happy and healthy adult lives. ...more

21 is the New 16: Launching or Re-Launching an Adult Child

The invention of the teenager was a mistake. Once you identify a period of life in which people get to stay out late but don't have to pay taxes - naturally, no one wants to live any other way.~Judith Martin...more
In my opinion, part of the reason so many young adults end up leaving college and coming back ...more

National Day of Silence 2010: My Kids Were Quiet in School Today (VIDEO)

Campuses all over the country are just a little quieter today as students participate in the National Day of Silence. ...more