Young Moms- We Are Not All Idiots

Sixteen and pregnant. No. Seventeen and pregnant....more

The Kindness of Strangers

NOTES FROM THE PLAYGROUNDThis is my second post about social dynamics on the playgound, and it most likely won’t be my last – thus the sub-heading. Since mid-July I have been taking Charlie to the park twice a week, and in doing so I have come upon some interesting conversations. I am not referring to the babble of toddlers here, but rather to something similar, the babble of young mothers....more
I know the group of Mom's you talk about...They are a rare scary sub group and best to be ...more

MTV's Teen Mom Falls Short, Bloggers Step Up

Newsflash: television doesn’t properly depict the life of a teen mom. I know, shocking, right? If you’ve watched any reality television, you’re aware that episodes only give us a glimpse into the heavily edited “real” reality. Teen Mom, a spin-off of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant follows original “cast member” moms through their babies’ first year. It’s kind of train-wreck-y, kind of interesting and a world away from most young moms’ experiences with parenting. ...more
@Miranda @ Keeper of the Cheerios Excellent point Miranda as a teen mom myself I completely ...more

A Sink Full of Dirty Dishes To Be Cleaned

How did I get here?  With my 24th birthday soon approaching, I can't help but to think a piece of my youth is not dead, but hiding.  It all started when I moved back home from Memphis, TN.  Shortly after I met, married, and had a beatiful son with my now husband.  I sit here at a job that I am lucky to have in these hard times, but know that it will take me nowhere.  I'm trying to juggle school, a new baby, work, a household, and my sanity, but it seems as if my sanity tips the scale and it's the first to go.  ...more

Another unwanted pregnancy and another child for grandma to raise.

My very good friend has a daughter who is pregnant again.  Please don't think I am judging this 24 year old.  I love her dearly but I am hoping she will see that in order for life to become what she is seeking, she needs to make better choices.  I know that from personal experience.  I guess that is why my heart hurts for her.  I know that life can really get you down and it is during those times that you don't think about the consequences of poor decisions and you act out of your emotions instead of your knowledg ...more

I have been dealing with such a similar situation.  (Check out my blog posts on Choices to ...more