Tumblr: The Next Application to Watch

Tumblr: It's where the so many of the young and people left of center are. What is Tumblr? ...more

Recent College Graduates (and Teens) Struggle with Unemployment

The economic downturn that started 2007 has caused job loss on scale unseen since the Great Depression. Even though the recession is technically over, the sluggish growth and incremental improvements in hiring has many worried about a double dip recession. Many of the unemployed are young people -- teenagers who are hunting for a summer job or a part-time gig to pay for college, college students who want a paid internship to launch them into a career, and recent college graduates who either can't land a job that requires a degree, or have been laid off and are now moving back home with Mom and Dad. ...more

I finished grad school last May, and spent the summer applying for probably hundreds of jobs (in ...more

Energy Drinks Encourage Young People To Party Like A Rockstar (But Not Everyone Has Ozzy Osbourne's Constitution)

A new study has linked the consumption of energy drinks to risky and aggressive "toxic jock" behavior amongst young adults. ...more

List of Inspiring Young People for your Conference/Event - suggestions welcome

Hi al, I'm building a list of inspiring young people (30 and under) to invite to conferences and events (as speakers, panellists, etc). This would be a good resource for anyone planning a conference of any sort that needs a youth voice or two. The list is here I would like your suggestions on other young people to add to my list. Do check out who I have up there and give me your nominations. You can nominate yourself too :) ...more

Trisha includes a link to her site in every post that she makes, and I believe the other CEs on ...more