Here I Am Still (Poem)

I knew what I wantedWhen I was eighteenI knew what I wanted When I was twenty-twoThings didn't turn out The way I wanted them toThe years have changedAnd I have changed too...more

Without a Doubt: a Conversation with My Younger Self

This July I will turn 40. I’m not afraid of it, I’m kind of fascinated by who I’ve become. As the girls are getting bigger and as each birthday puts more distance between my 20-something self and who I am now, I consider what almost was. What if I had stayed so completely insecure? ...more
@Amanda_Magee I have featured this article in my online paper, Access Profiles - Week in Review. ...more

Younger Women And The Check Mark For Elder Respect...

For the moms out here who have a certain anxiety in the pit of their stomachs as daughters fast approach those hormonal/unsettling teenage years? I say, you're just preparing for the war! A teen daughter's mishaps, uncertainties and learning curves, will ultimately pass over without too much fanfare if she's raised with the best of motherly& fatherly advice and attention- hopefully. In real time, it's often the single mom who is doing the raising where she has become both parents; mom and dad to her teenaged daughter....more

What My Daughter Said!

Sitting around a bon fire with a few ‘girls’ gave me reason to pause and reflect on my part in the Awesome Women Hub Tour.  My companions were 17- and 18-year-olds, each one preparing to graduate and embark upon life as women.  I had expected to hear of prom dresses, graduation parties, and end of the year testing; I was stunned to hear the voices of true leaders of tomorrow.  ...more

Daphne Zuniga: A letter to my niece and all girls and young women

A guest blog entry by Daphne Zuniga, Activist & Actor, Melrose Place, One Tree Hill  Dearest_____, I want you to know this very important thing and remember it always. Know that it is true, and that it's not only encouragement because I love you. ...more

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! How I wish I could've read a letter like this as a young girl. No one ...more

The Rise of Enlightened Sexism

By Susan J. DouglasCross-posted at On The Issues Magazine....more

Excellent Advice from Cartoon Princesses: "Have Friends Smaller Than You So You Can Control Them!"

While the rest of the Internet might be worrying its frazzled hive mind about the gender gap in math, tech, literature and business, savvy analysts at The Second City Network have launched the Advice for Young Girls from a Cartoon Princess series of videos to remind us that those pesky inequities aren't a problem because we’ve let the Disney Princesses teach our young lasting messages about how to lead rich and fulfilling Princess lives. ...more

i think everyone needs to chill out. their just cartoons. a child doesn't think about cartoons ...more

Millennial Women Addicted to Facebook -- Or Not?

Between May 27 and June 3, 2010, the Oxygen Media Insights Group commissioned Lightspeed Research to survey a nationally representative sample of 1,605 U.S. adults who use social media. The survey included questions about consumers' usage and attitudes toward social media. And? Millennial women like Facebook. A lot. ...more
It's an addiction, no matter what the percentage.  I mean, if you don't think so, try going one ...more

Transcending the Gender Divide: Trends/Events of the 00s

Inspired by an on-line discussion group, I gave some thought to promising trends from the past decade that I believe may help to transcend the gender divide as we head into this new decade....!Trends/events of the decade to acknowledge:1.Young women are outstripping men in college attendance, GPA, collegehonors/awards and degree completion...what will this mean for the nextdecade as more and more highly qualified women continue to enter the...more