Pearls for Skincare?

Recently, I started using pearl powder.  This old Chinese medicine is exactly what you think it is…it is pearls made into a powder form. There are so many benefits from using pearl powder I don’t know where to start.   A major reason I like to use it is because of the skin benefits. Pearls contain amino acids, microelements, several types of proteins and short peptides and other active factors. You can use it one of two ways: you can ingest it and/or use it topically....more

Thinking about trying Pearl Laser Treatment...

A girlfriend of mine, who works as a cosmetic nurse, recently started using Pearl Laser in her office.  She's offered to give me a session for free. I've been looking around online to find out more about the procedure - there IS a bit of downtime with it: 3-4 days appears the norm.  But the online photos show amazing results: wrinkles reduced or eliminated, and young, fresh, even skin.  I have a lot of freckles and sun damage I'd love to get rid of.  I also still have the discoloration left behind by pregnancy mask. ...more

Susan:  No, I haven't heard of that treatment for lashes - but it sounds great.  Gosh, all ...more