The Plight of My Youngest Child (Or Why I Am A Horrible Mother)

Some days I feel like I've got things pretty under control. On those days that the children mostly got along with one another, and the laundry is mostly washed and mostly folded (if not mostly put away) and I've prepared a dinner that is mostly nutritious and mostly homemade, and we've all sat down together to mostly enjoy one another's company... I feel pretty good about myself. ...more
JillianT.O'Keefe I felt the same way about my first born. Somehow my heart just made more room ...more

Hashtag... you know you are the youngest child when...

One of my to-do list items this spring was to sort through the 99 mini  VHS cassettes ** of home videos BEFORE sending them to Costco to convert to DVD!   I don't want to pay for a DVD with 70 minutes of our {first} child sleeping!  So, a few weekends ago we hauled out the VHS machine***, gathered the boys and sat down for a preview!  And, in the first random tape I pulled from the box this is what was on the tape:...more