The un-impartability of self-worth

When I see my son I know how amazing he is. I know that he worth more than the riches in the world. I know he is special. I know he has a wonderful body that is capable and needs no "improvements." I know that my son has much to offer the world. I know he doesn't need to change or conform to standards that others may see fit to place upon him. I know that. But what about him? ...more

Musicals: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Once in a while I get in a serious mood to watch my favorite musicals. There's something about that jolly, technicolor era that you don't find anymore. Some may find them old fashioned but they are actually great fun for any age. ...more

Your....a poem

Your iconoclastic idiosyncrasies rained down so often on those around you obliterating you as the reigning royal among the darling Soho beauties. Do not now rue that which is your due nor weep with regret o'er your empty bed nor fear you'll fail at going it alone. Your lesson if learned brings you closer to those burned by your own fire flung so freely before at the women who so happened to grace your door. Your soul may be saved from Beelzebub's barbs after all. Karen Chaffee 2008 ...more