Letter to my 18 Year Old Self

Lord love us you would think I would be tired of festival wear by now but nope, I am still stuck on logo tanks, white lace/crochet and gladiators. Ottawa has been experiencing a heat advisory ( and does it sound awful that I am loving it?) but a heat advisory calls for totally " cool" clothes and I mean temperature cool not " festival" cool....more

How old do you feel?

A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers asked me how old I was. She said she wanted to know because I seemed to have too much energy. I asked her to guess, and she said 28. ...more
I feel quite old. Deciding to live a "younger" life this year, and documenting my journey ...more

The age of questions


Forever Young...

Do you ever wonder if you are really young at heart?  I mean I'm young but I'm not as young as I used to be five years ago or five minutes ago.  But as a dear friend said to me, "I will never be as young as I am at this moment."...more

It gets better, girls

I was browsing Slate.com when a blogpost about a relatively new trend among teenage girls on Youtube stuck out to me. The girls post videos of themselves asking the world to tell them if they’re pretty or ugly....more

The End Of Youth?


Back to School Supply Drives for Older Youth

I've been a social worker for over a dozen years and worked in human services for nearly twenty. I've coordinated all sorts of drives and events and donations. Without exception, the most difficult group to attract needed donations has been teenagers. This was most evident when I worked in foster care and would seek donations of gifts at the holidays - we would often receive a handful of CD players (in 2006!) and get a lecture on gratitude.  Or I was told they were old enough to understand not getting a gift. Really?...more

It is Easy to Say NO to Botox

New Resource Named "Best Practices" on Suicide Prevention for LGBT Youth

I don't need to tell most readers that LGBT youth are at a higher risk than their non-LGBT peers for attempting suicide. Until today, however, no “Best Practices” have been identified or designated to help reduce vulnerability and risk among LGBT children, youth, or adults.That has now changed....more

Women are Destroying Humanity One Insult or Injury at a Time

Women are Destroying Humanity One Insult or Injury at a Time...more