Little League Lessons

If you have athletically-inclined children who, for one reason or another, enjoy running and spitting and adjusting their cups, often at the same time, then you probably understand my fear and trepidation. Youth sports are anxiety-inducing torture sessions with parents who make The Great Santini seem supportive.Yet, if our children want to play and even promise to take out the trash twice a week without complaint, what can we do?...more

When is the *right* time to start kids in team sports?

 Four-year-olds running amuck on the soccer field are adorable, but what is your child learning from team sports at this age? Pick the right time to start sports and you’ll boost their confidence and develop skills....more

5 Myths on Youth Sports Concussions

If your kids play sports - especially cheerleading, hockey, football, wrestling or soccer--read this: are the highlights:1. After football, GIRLS' SOCCER is the most dangerous sport in terms of concussions.2. MRIs, CTs and EEGs are NOT the most effective tools for identifying concussions, because they aren't structural injuries, they're metabolic....more

Teens' concussions increase risk of suicide attempts

Nobody likes to talk about suicide, especially when it comes to youth. But a new study has found some important statistics about teenagers who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion. According to researchers at St. Michael's Hospital, these teens are at "significantly greater odds" of:1. attempting suicide2. being bullied3. engaging in high-risk behaviors4. becoming a bully5. having sough counseling through a crisis helpline6. having been prescribed meds for depression, anxiety or both7. damaging property...more

My Life as a (Junior) Olympian Track Mom

As I contemplated what I wanted to share about my experience as a Junior Olympian’s Mom, I pondered a recent  ESPN June’12 article that proclaimed my daughter (known as the world's fastest 11 year old) Lauren Rain Williams is...“A potential Olympian and one of the top 33 women that will change the way sports is played” ...more

Harnessing the Power Of Our Youth...

Over the past decade, I have coached hundreds (perhaps thousands…) of children through local youth sports teams.  Whether it is on the soccer field, the track, the t-ball diamond, or in the swimming pool it is easy to tell the children who are expected to tenaciously work hard and problem solve at home....more

Sports Psychology Behind Youth Sports

Lisa LaGrou

Competitive Fire: Tips for Preventing Injuries in Youth Sports

  Well, what do you know? Dear Husband is back again today. And it looks like you will get some "Fatherly Advice" on Friday....more

Slowing Down the Family

(Adapted from a recent post to my main blog,  ...more