5 Benefits Of Using The Online YouTube Downloader

Professionals who work for YouTube have created the well known 4K Video Downloader, and now they have come up with the latest invention; the Online YouTube Downloader. This service is very helpful for users as they can easily download audio files directly from a YouTube video either through their web browser on the computer or their smartphone. The downloaded videos can later be accessed through certain apps such as iTunes or WinAmp on the device. The audio files can easily be copied on CDs or be made into playlists....more

Shut up! Do we really talk like this?

Women and their cliches is the topic of a new YouTube video "Sh*t Girls Say" that's gone viral. The video featuring a man dressed like a woman will be offensive to some, but I like the fact his delivery of those girl-speak phrases was almost believable. My only complaint is I'm not a fan of the title. I realize some critics will dislike the video because it pokes fun at how women talk. In my opinion, the video works because of that....more

Spring Fling: Getting the Proper Fitting Bike Helmet {with Video}

Bike Riding Season I realize that for many parts of the country, spring is in full bloom, but here in the Northern regions, we are looking at a forecast full o...more