Alternative holiday dinners to try this New Year's: Fried chicken feast

Saved the best one for last! Though there are countless alternatives to the traditional turkey dinner, a fried chicken feast is one I would die for. It’s no secret that I’m a slave to fried chicken, so why shouldn’t I celebrate the holidays with a little greasy goodness?Fried Chicken Feast Dinner MenuAppetizers...more

Alternative holiday dinners to try this New Year's: Mexican fiesta

Ditch North American holiday traditions (or whatever your regular tradition may be), and introduce an international flare to your next gathering.I chose Mexican because most people can find something they like, and  the meal is not overly complicated to prepare. Other ideas for international holiday dinners include Chinese, Italian, Korean BBQ, or Indian....more

Asian Style Eggplant

Like I have mentioned before, I love eggplant.  Anytime I see it on a menu, I automatically want whatever it is.  And when I see asian-style spicy eggplant?  That is just a done deal. I'm sold. I attempted to re-create this dish and it turned out very good.  I would add pepper flakes to to increase the spicyness, but overall, it was a success!...more

Oatmeal Almond Waffles

This is my new waffle recipe, from now until forever. I was inspired by Green Lite Bites’ pancake recipe to make these. I wanted to make waffles, so I looked at a few of her waffle recipes to see the difference in the batters. There wasn’t much of a difference except the waffle recipes had a little more sugar or maple syrup. I took her pancake recipe and added a little more sugar to get these delightfully grainy, hearty and nutty waffles....more

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Usually for Christmas Eve, my mom makes a honey ham and we make some of our favorite sides to go with.  In the past, we have madesticky rice, creamed corn, roasted sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes and other of our favorite mom dishes.  This year, we decided on roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash and scalloped potatoes.  I have wanted to roast bru...more

The Best Recipe EVER! Yats Chili Cheese Etoufee With Chicken (Traditionally with Crawfish)

For Mother’s Day I decided to have the meal on the patio. We’ve eaten grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken about 5 times in the past 2 weeks so I vetoed grilling out and decided to go with a new favorite. We really enjoy eating at a place called Yats and I found their recipe online. I made it on a whim when we had guests one night and it was delicious! ...more

I can't do the crawfish but the chicken, I'm in! Yat's only really makes it with Crawfish but ...more

Baked Cinnamon & Sugar Tortillas with Caramel Sauce and Bananas

Mix together about 2 teaspoons of Sugar and about ½ - ¾ teaspoon of CinnamonMelt about 2 tablespoons of ButterBrush melted butter over ...more