Say No to Fake Plastic Wishbones & Other Thanksgiving Waste

Fake plastic wishbones? Around Thanksgiving time last year, I read a post by blogger Rejin from Urban Botany blasting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for promoting plastic Lucky Break Wishbones. She wrote: Hasn't PETA ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? They claim these wishbones and their packages are recyclable, but let's face it: 99.99% of them are going to end up in a landfill, or in the ocean, where they will probably be swallowed by sea turtles [And I would add baby albatross chicks] who will choke and die.... Animals, PETA, animals! Do you hear me? Apparently PETA did not because the organization promoted the wishbones again this year. Products like these are what blogger Linda Anderson from Citizen Green would call "stupid plastic crap." ...more

My husband son and haven't eaten meat in a while but we decided to buy free range turkeys for ...more

Take a vacation, but skip the waste!

For many of us, it's not hard to reduce waste at home. We've got our recycling systems in place, our reusable bags handy for shopping and we know what restaurants and stores are the most environmentally-friendly. Not so easy when traveling, right? And yet we don't have to drown in a sea of our own waste every time we leave the comfort of home. It just takes the desire to travel lightly on the planet and a little bit of planning ahead. ...more

I can't give up my corner Chinese take out, but I can give up the plastic bag (done) and even ...more