Zig Ziglar: Dead at 86

The year 2012 has not been kind to our top business and motivational experts. First, Stephen Covey, and now Zig Ziglar. According to CNN, he died Wednesday after a short bout with pneumonia. ...more

First Born Frenzy

When my son was born, our house transformed from a chic, yuppie house to all things baby boy. A barrage of toys-for-boys filled the rooms, an indoor slide, a maze of parachute tunnels and a mini-basket ball hoop dominated his playroom. His closet broke a rod holding the dozens of blue outfits he had been given and I had bought. Every day I was off to the store to get something he needed, and whether it was the latest baby gizmo or another have-to-have baby accessory, I managed to find something new and necessary for him. ...more