True Prophet of God

 “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” Dr. Martin Luther King.Moses. One of my favorite prophets.  A great man.  A TRUE Prophet of God.When God spoke, Moses listened. When God spoke, Moses did. When God spoke, Moses obeyed! Pharaoh – rich and powerful. Though scared Moses listened....more

Zimbabwe dies as we watch

I've been receiving a lot of congratulatory messages for the 'bravery' of becoming the first woman to show my support to the 'Occupy Africa Unity Square' movement. would like to reinstate my stance that I AM NOT BRAVE.  I am still a coward!  Even more so that I have gone to show my support.  But ...  I had to, I didn't have much of a choice.  I had to do it -  for the sake of my Zimbabwe. ...more

Diary of a Frustrated Zimbabwean Female Entrepreneur - Reply to Itai Dzamara

Today I sit at my desk writting this to you, Mr. Itai Dzamara - brave son of the soil.I read your post with my heart feeling like it was going to burn out of my chest.  I am sorry for what happened to you my brother.  I am sorry that I was not there to be with you - to hold your hand - to protect you.  I am sorry that I am not as brave as you are - to be able to come and stand along with you - just like what my other brothers are doing.I guess its because we are all born different hey.  We all have a seperate roles to play in life. ...more

Research paints poignant picture of intimate partner violence in Zimbabwe

According to the country's first comprehensive baseline study, 2 in 3 women suffer gender violence and justice remains elusive. ...more

Women make up more than one-third of Zimbabwe’s new Parliament

At a historic 35 per cent, women’s representation has more than doubled for the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe, due to a special Constitutional measure applied during the recent general elections. ...more

GoDaddy and the Dead Elephant in the Room

Bob Parsons, the CEO of GoDaddy - the Ted Turner/Hugh Hefner of web hosting - recently posted a video that shows him killing an elephant bull in Zimbabwe. The highly emotional online backlash against Parsons and his company has been swift. While animal folks cry "Murderer!" and call for boycotts, hunters cheer him on and once again, nobody learns anything. As bad as it was for the elephant, this scenario is not any better for humans. ...more


Thanks for stopping by and giving me the best compliment of all. I've learned a lot since ...more

Obama's Visit to Ghana Sparks Celebrations, Unanswered Questions

At the end of a week-long tour that included meetings with Russian leaders, attending the G8 Summit and an audience with Pope Benedict, Pres. Barack Obama generated both excitement and sharp questions with an overnight stop in Ghana and a speech to that country's Parliament. While the speech did not attract the attention of his so-called speech to the Muslim world earlier this year, the importance of US policy toward Africa is difficult to overstate. ...more

The blanket of Death, falls over Zimbabwe

By Michealene Cristini Risley ...more

The Harvest

Every culture (that I know of) has some sort of celebration based on the harvest. We celebrated Thanksgiving last week, and our friends in the United States have yet to celebrate. So perhaps, in this time of plenty (despite the economic crisis), we should remember that there are those who would look at our Thanksgiving feasts and wonder why we are using more food than they have ever seen in one place at one meal. I love the holidays as much as anyone and it gives me a great deal of pride (in a truly primal way) to ...more

World's on Fire: Bucket Brigade

The world is on fire. This is always the case. There are forever wars and rumors of war, famine and strife, brother turning against brother -- and sometimes all of them happen at once. This week, with the floods, and the fires, and the political upheavals, my heart has been heavy. I've wanted alternately to act and to hide, to write checks and to dive under the blankets. But the blankets are no place for revolution, and if you don't at least carry the water you have been given, the flames will never dissolve. ...more

Thank you so much for this inspiring link. I've seen great things happen with micro loans ...more