The Halloween Overachiever

I don't know when it started. I guess it's possible that she may have always been this way—even as far back as inside the womb. I am referring to my daughter's need to be the best at whatever she does. When it comes to Halloween, it's no different. She pushes it to the limit—or at least to my limit—always needing to have the most original costume possible. This means that it can't be purchased straight off the shelf, and since I don't sew, I can't make it in the traditional sense....more
Great costumes! I can't wait to find out what she decided to be this year!more

Zombie Apocalypse Everywhere

It's really difficult to not watch AMC's The Waking Dead, especially since promos are everywhere, from TV to blogs.Even Sears got into the act of promoting Zombies. They launched its Sears Zombie Apocalypse microsite. My husband likes their Sears' Zombie Game, it brings him back to the old-school nintendo days....more

Spifflepants BittyNoggin Gets a Job

Zombie, Pineapple, Octopus.Once upon a time, at the bottom of the sea, in a place called Bermuda ShortsPocket there lived a young sea urchin named Spifflepants BittyNoggin.  He lived in a Pineapple (what, you believe that?  He’s a sea urchin.  He lives on a rock!) and his best friend was an octopus named Duffy (who lives in a crevice between the rocks)....more
I read it, Monique, and I left you a comment. As always, very, very nice!more

In my kit: Goldfish crackers, water and a 'Shawn of the Dead' DVD

originally posted on Sunshine Wonderland   I laughed out loud when I saw the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's plans for zombie apocalypse preparedness. You heard me, the CDC....more

We need french onion dip for the chips! And root beer! Maybe some Justin Bieber music to ...more

The Zombies vs Unicorns Gift Guide

You've stated your allegiance. You, and your gift recipients, have chosen to support either #teamzombie or #teamunicorn. Now it's time to get your gift guide ready. There are few gifts, however, that are really applicable to all sides so I've broken it down into teams. Here are some items you might want to consider. ...more

And it made me want to send her a copy of the killer unicorn books.

I come across zombies vs ...more

Classic Literature, Potentially Improved by Zombies

I'm having tremendous fun, reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." I had the guilty, but fleeting, thought that I should go back and reread the original. But--- really, zombies are much more fun, and I get the gist of the original enough.  I think. Check out my list of books that could be improved with a few zombies.  Everything from Dickens to Salinger to Tolstoy. ...more

Zombi America

Zombis Yes, you read it right.  Out of Vodoun.  One of the most feared and loathed states to which a human being can fall, and one of the vilest practices a bad Hougan, corrupted mambo, or terrible bokor can perform upon a soul. They ain't dead.  Truth be told, as they would say it, their soul has been stolen so the body just does whatever its master tells it.  Now, even the anthropologists can tell you some of the ingredients to the potions used, if you'd like, it usually will involve blood and various toxic herbs and poisons from various animals.  ...more