6 Ways to Tell If Your Baby Is Actually a Zombie

I know. You've heard it before. Babies are like zombies, ha ha ha. But I really think baby C might be one, because the Threenager didn't do any of this stuff, and he's kind of taken it to a whole new level. Now, I'm no expert on zombies. I've only seen snippets of Walking Dead while the Husband is watching it, but I think it may be time to worry. Here are some of the signs that make me think we have a zombie living with us. ...more
DoTryThisAtHome Ha! Thanks for reading :)more

Stay With Me, The Walking Dead Is Back

 Here’s our favorite moments of TWD’s “What Happened and What’s Going On,” episode 509.‘Stay With Me’ might have won most of the Grammy’s Sunday night, but those words meant quite a bit on The Walking Dead’s “What Happened and What’s Going On.” Let’s dissect! Was it Fate or MisfortuneThe Walking Dead’s “What Happened and What’s Going On,” starts with a montage of flashbacks that were distorted almost like incoherent thoughts, which of course made sense at the end of the episode. It wasn’t Beth’s funeral we were watching, but Tyreese’s. Those hazy visions were all his fever visions....more

Zombie Mom a la Martha Stewart

I see you came back for more....that's very cool! I would like to share a webseries with you called 'Tiny Clues' written by Aidan Wilson. Consider it an ode to 'Goosebumps', a series of children's horror fiction novels by American author R. L. Stine. I play a very proper and perfect mom who somehow turns into a zombie mom! I met Aidan when he was casted to play my son for a stage play at the Huntington Playhouse in Bay Village, Ohio around the year 2007. Many years later, he began writing 'Tiny Clues' and called me up to be his co-star ....more

Zombies, Bigfoot, and Racecars

Sadly, I have not seen bigfoot or zombies, so that title is the tiniest bit deceiving. I do have bigfoot and zombie stories though!...more

Granny Shoots From he Hip

Naked, Drunk and Writing—good title for a book. Too bad, it’s already taken.I wouldn’t talk about myself so much, but I know more about me than anybody.This morning I had garlic for breakfast. Not a normal fare, but I had this wonderful sour-dough whole wheat bread from Metropol’s here in Eugene Oregon, and a couple of nights ago I roasted a few garlic bulbs—still had some let-over in the frig. So I toasted the bread, spread copious amounts of butter, ate cold garlic cloves with it, and Yum. (Hot coffee too.)...more

Zombies and creepy flying babies with weapons are symbols of love?

Single women don't need Valentine's Day survival tips. It's a Friday night this year, my friend, not a Zombie Apocalypse. I understand the confusion, though. It is the feast of an undead saint who continues to walk among us. He and his minion- Cupid-- spread fear and eat brains one night a year, an offering to the gods of stereotypes and relationship rules. A creepy flying baby with hunting gear can scare the sh*t out of a girl. Just saying....more

World War Z: Read it or Watch it (or both)?

It is not that often that I watch a movie and then read the book, (The Hunger Games Trilogy was another read inspired by the movie) however I enjoyed the Zombie Flick so much, reading the book seemed like the next logical move....more

How I became a zombie.

This is the tale of a woman who has never ever ever in the history of ever suffered from allergies. She’s a bit smug. She eats reasonably healthy foods if you don’t count the lack of control around pastries and cake and chocolate. But who’s counting? She takes her vitamins. She spends lots of time outdoors....more

Zombies Ate My Homework

Zombies Ate My Homework...more

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