Belize Zoo

I love aquariums and zoos. Not necessarily the idea of animals in captivity, but the opportunity to see incredible animals I would never otherwise see close up....more

Check Out A Zoo Overnight

Check Out A Zoo Overnight How many people are aware that their closest zoo might actually offer zoo overnights for families? Well, I was not until last year. We had been members of our local zoo for many years and I had never noticed the zoo overnight advertised in the newsletter we receive quarterly. ...more

An Afternoon at the Zoo

Since I am on Funemployment until July 5, one of my major goals is to spend some time with my sister and my adorable nephew. Mostly I've just been lazy and sitting around in my pajamas well into the early afternoon (guess what I'm wearing right now) but on Monday I did have the pleasure of going to Lincoln Park Zoo with Tricia and Bobby. It was the perfect day for it. Sunny and around 75 degrees and we took full advantage of it considering that a Chicago style heatwave is threatening the later part of the week. Here are some photos: ...more

The Zoo

It all started out so simple.  My husband had a board meeting in Dallas on a Saturday.  We figured it made good sense to drive up together, meet a girlfriend and her children, and we’d all hit the zoo while my husband was trapped in a long, boring meeting. A well-crafted plan!  So we packed our sunscreen and juice boxes and hit the road in high spirits.  In no time flat we’d be feeding the giraffes.  We’d be looking with awe as elephants fanned themselves with muddy water and giggling at those darn flamingos standing precariously on their tall, spindly legs....more

All about micro-dinosaurous creatures and reptile cubs

Warning:there are some grotesque pictures.So, if you are not curious enough about cold-blooded vertebrates which are characterized by skin covered in scales and/or scutes, you'd better not seeing pictures of this post....more
 @souschef  Hi souschef, wow. There actually are people(like you and your brother!) who have a ...more

Farm Friday - We Bought a Zoo

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home     ...more
I liked it! Cute movie. I'd like to research into the real Benjamin Mee, as this was supposed ...more

Are you not aware you are in Public

  I don't understand people's behavior at times.  Do they think that they are walking around in a special bubble and others can't see or hear them?  Last I checked the "Cone of Silence" from Get Smart has not been proven to work or is it being marketed.        Sunday we spent the day at th...more

Animal crackers

On a recent research trip to the zoo I learned more about people than I did about animals....more

Quotes from a Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

Those of us who work in the zoo field become accustomed to things that most people just don't see in a regular day...or lifetime. Here is a glimpse into the daily conversations that simply don't (and shouldn't!) happen anywhere else. If you're part of the zoo world yourself, you are probably already familiar with quotes like these: Rather exuberantly: "When the chicks are frozen, you can pop their heads right off!" "Will you pass me that fish head, please?" "What kind of pee is in the hallway?" ...more

Luckily, I had flip flops in the car, but not jeans.

originally posted on It's a Wonder Bread Life After he was done, I looked around and assessed the damage.Wonder Boy, who had spent part of his day at the San Diego Zoo had just finished vomiting all over himself, me, and part of a snack area at the San Diego Zoo....more