Zoya, Fall 2015, Focus Collection

I have the Zoya, Fall 2015, Focus Collection review up on my blog.  Follow the link http://www.thepolishedperspective.com/2015/08/zoya-focus-collection-fall-2015.html for individual swatches and review....more

Zoya PixieDusts for summer 2013!

**PR sample provided by company representative**...more

Zoya Stunning Collection for summer 2013!

**PR sample provided by company representative**Good afternoon! I've finally got the Zoya Stunning collection ready for you guys! This is a collection of 6 cremes - altho, I've found, there is some hidden shimmer in a few of them!...more

NOTD: Milani Black Swift+Zoya Kotori!

Quicki, quick NOTD post for you this morning :) It was icky and rainy and sleety and icy and snowy here last night - yes, all of that happened within a few hours last night. The kid was sposed to have his Science Fair last night, but they postponed it because the weather was going to be gross ... and boy was it ever gross! Anyway, on to the nail prettiness!...more

Zoya Lovely collection swatches + review

Hi all! I was lucky enough to get my hands on the entire Zoya Lovely collection - and I had just enough light to get them posted for you tonight! It's so cold here, but the sun came out this afternoon enough for me to take pictures. So let's get right to it!...more