Zucchini Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting

It's been a fun week over on my food blog, Never A Dull Bite. The week was dedicated to zucchini.  The recipe for today are these sweetly spiced zucchini cupcakes with rich brown sugar frosting. These cupcakes will make a person wish more veggies could be featured at dessert time! Recipe at: http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/07/24/zucchini-cupcakes-with-brown-su......more

Zucchini Spaghetti

What all does this zucchini spaghetti have going for it? Well...it's quick, easy, healthy, and flavorful! Spaghetti with zucchini ribbons and parmesan are the main stars of the dish! Check out the recipe here:  http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/07/22/zucchini-spaghetti/ ...more

When There Is Ripe Fruit: Time to Bake!

The spotted brown bananas on the counter, and the last of my neighbor's apples in the fridge could be ignored no longer.  Yesterday I tried out two new recipes I found on other blogs, and came up with a pretty yummy invention of my own....more

Zucchini Quiche

My garden is coming to an end as the leaves are beggining to change.  This time of the year, I begin to clean  up the garden for next season.  The raspberries are still going strong, but everything else is pretty much done...or at least I thought so.  The zucchini, this year, has been prolific.  Tons the size of small children!  I thought it was done...thought...but it looks like the zucchini plant had one last final gasp and produced a couple more zucchini...much to my delight!...more

Lemon Zucchini and Pepper Stir Fry

When I attended the Food BlogHer Conference in Miami, I had the opportunity to meet with many different brands and vendors.  There were lots of foodie booths and kitchen equipment booths.  About a month or so later, I learned that I won an Anolon Pan!  Talk about being excited!You know how hubbys get when they purchase new electronics or new power tools?  Well, that's how I felt.  A new kitchen tool...AWESOMENESS!...more

Chocolate Zucchini Coconut Cupcakes

I have a bumper crop of ZUCCHINI!I have mentioned that they are the size of small children.  I just can't give them away anymore and I certainly can't throw them away.  So instead, I used that fabulous, versatile veggie in cupcakes.  Because who doesn't like cupcakes and zucchini in cupcake form is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! ...more

Lemony Berry Zucchini Bread and Physics

So my daughter asked for help on some problems in Honors Physics.Part of me was extremely excited that I was asked for such kind of help.  I thought, wow!??  She thinks I am a genius!  The other part of me was petrified!  Because really, who is good at physics.  Well, I guess physicists are but they aren't the average parent, right?  ...more

Burgers with Blue Cheese Sauce and Zucchini Ribbons

I am overrun with zucchini, but there are so many good recipes out there that I just keep trying to keep up with the supply my garden is producing. Here's another way to use that yummy yet crazy-growing vegetable: Make some zucchini ribbons, and use them like you would lettuce. The taste? FABULOUS! ...more
That looks really delicious; I have always wanted to try Zucchini i might have to try this.more

Zucchini Bread Pancakes with Maple Yogurt

Every weekend we have pancakes as a special treat because Paul gets to enjoy breakfast with the kids. I usually always make the same two pancakes ... either my Honey Pancakes or Fruit & Nut Pancakes. With lots of delicious zucchini in the fridge I decided that we should forgo the pancakes and I would just make zucchini bread instead. ...more