Raw Zucchini Pesto Pasta

Looking to get all the flavor and satisfaction from your favorite pasta but looking to cut out the calories and starch? Eat all the pasta you want with this raw zucchini pasta! It’s easy, colorful, full of flavor and best of all, mega healthy! Leave the guilt behind and indulge in this yummalicious new way to make an Italian fave!...more

A Sad Day for Our Winter Garden

I've been waiting to post a garden update. I planned to take a picture this weekend and write about all the zucchini we harvested last week. Our tomato plant is just covered in blossoms and little green tomatoes. The colors in our rainbow chard are becoming brighter as it gets bigger, our broccoli plants are going strong....more
Thanks for the tip! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well! @Julie Adolfmore

Zucchini and Black Bean Skillet

Do you ever feel like cooking is therapeutic? There's something about taking a bunch of ingredients and then creating something that smells and tastes delicious. Tonight was a night where I wanted to cook....more

Fresh Zucchini Salad


Zucchini Makes Me Happy!!!!

In my house we love zucchini and eat pretty much all year long, especially in the summer when we can get it from our local farm market or garden (when the ground hogs have not taken over).  I have taken great pleasure in coming up with fun ways to make it.  It is such a versatile ingredient.  This is fabulously delicious recipe.  Enjoy!!   Zucchini Bake (serves 6)...more

Shaved Fennel and Zucchini Salad

Shaved Fennel and Zucchini Salad  ...more

Baking Your Garden ~ Zucchini Nutella Swirl Muffins

Baking Drama produces Zucchini Muffins with Nutella Swirl....more

These look like mouth-watering deliciousness!more

Meatless Mondays: Tomato and Zucchini Tart from What's For Lunch Honey

Photo of Tomato and Zucchini Tart from What's For Lunch Honey ...more

VVK, yeah...now that I live in the Bay Area of California (where there are ALWAYS tons of ...more

How To Make The Perfect Frittata

When I wake up, I don’t crave sweet pancakes or pastries, and I definitely don’t crave scrambled eggs. When I wake up, I want dinner. Pasta, steak, sauteed mushrooms; most days I eat leftovers for breakfast. The more savory the better....more

Sunday Pasta: Spaghetti con Zucchini

Why is it that most people can pronounce the word “zucchini” with relative ease but can’t seem to manage a proper “bruschetta”?   Believe me, this is not a mere tomato-tomahto, potato-potahto kind of thing; it’s just a flat-out, widespread mispronunciation. Such a beautiful word, so savagely butchered. It’s like Ellis Island all over again. Over and over again. Of course, it would be too easy to blame our nemesis The Olive Garden (a.k.a....more

Thanks. I know that spaghetti carbonara is from the coal burners, hence the name (coal man's ...more