Confessions of a Brand New BlogHer

Next week is the one, the only, BlogHer conference.  If you don’t know what that is, let me fill you in. ...more

De-Plasticking BlogHer 2009!

This year's BlogHer Conference was greener than ever, thanks in large part to Zwaggle's recycling our shwag (pic below). Post-conference, I asked if you had suggestions about how we could make BlogHer Conferences even greener -- and got some v. innovative ideas! The conclusion I've drawn from those ideas is twofold: ...more

No idea if this is the case at the conference hotel, but at my apartment complex we just throw ...more

It was a succcess!

BlogHer ‘08 was a rockin’ success from seemingly every angle. Particularly exciting was that the Zwaggle Recycling Room did an amazing job of collecting the unwanted swag that conference attendees were given and passing it on to those who did want it. Some of the swag was barely seen - I think we collected a handful of “50 free print” cards from Snapfish. Some of the swag was a bit less popular - anyone need a florescent light bulb recycling kit? When all was said and done, by our best guestimate we recycled more than 1,000 pounds of swag, ...more

Undercover Agent

I’ve completed more than a few trades here on Zwaggle. All of them have been easy - pop the item in the mail, check in a few days and notice that my zoint level has increased. I’ve yet to redeem my zoints - waiting for just the right item makes the anticipation that much sweeter. Recently, I was contacted by a local woman to complete a trade with the drop off option. Sure, no trouble, I thought to myself. She even lived within five minutes of me. And she wanted to meet with me on my way to Target. Bonus! I’d trade a few of ...more

True Confessions of a Zwaggle Superfan

To tell you the truth, I actually kind of like MySpace, and of course, I Twitter daily. In real life, eight years ago, I broke our hotel room shower in St. Thomas, but I let my then-newlywed husband think it was him. (I’ve been dying to get that one out in the open for years.) I once knew a girl who recorded her on-air call to “Car Talk,” and carried the cassette tape of it around with her in her purse. ...more

All Kids are Special

There is a veritable alphabet soup of letters that can follow a child around. You know the ones I mean. ADD. ADHD. SID. ASD. PDD-NOS. There are others - Downs. Cystic Fibrosis. Cerebral Palsy. ...more

And Then, Suddenly, It Was Summer

Just like that. Where I live, spring can last a long time, or only a few days. No matter how few true spring days we have, when summer decides to arrive, it does so with a bang. Yesterday was our first really warm day, and it was over 90 degrees. Hellloooo, summer! ...more

Earning our Stripes

Whenever I think of parenthood, I think of the scene from the ‘80s classic, Stripes, starring Bill Murray. I think of the scene in which he and the rest of the cast of characters are introducing themselves. In the movie, Bill Murray’s talking about why he joined the military, but the message translates to parenting just as well. “It’s the stories that you tell,” he says. “So much fun and imagination.” The rest is some of the best ...more