Free Time

As I talked about on my blog, I have too much free time! I have been looking for jobs everywhere, every week, everyday! Whether it's on the internet or whether it's in town and outside of town. I am always looking for work. And fortunately, some things are turning around for me, which I am incredibly thankful to God for.

But, one of the many problems that you find, is that after you do your chores and make a meal, you find a lot of time there. It's crazy! The only good thing about this free time, is that I am able to get more involved in the blogosphere and develop my own blog. I get to read blogs and I get to learn about the amazing blogs that there are in the world. One thing that I've got to do, is get more comfortable with social media. It's not that I have a problem with social media. When it's used properly, it can be incredibly effective.  But, my thing is that I have to get more involved with it. I must become comfortable with all of it. So, what I am making sure that I do, is little bit of it everyday. I guess as a young person in today's world, I suck! 

I am not that good with social media. But, I am learning. Steadily. That's what I've been doing and I am glad that people have been responding. I must say, as usual, I greatly respect you ladies. It's not easy to do all of this. Being a blogger means you are your business. 

Your life is the content, your photography are the visuals, you are HR, PR and everything in between. That's why I am so grateful that you all are so kind and generous, in sharing what you've learned. I think that it's really great!

In ending this post, I want to ask you all a question.

If you could ask yourself something or give yourself some advice, as a beginning blogger, What would it be? 


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