A Free Write Experience

My shoulders are killing me. I've been working at our car lot since I'm "working" from home this week (yay! about being at home, not necessarily about working at our car lot). But it means, sitting at a desk a lot and so my shoulders and neck are really feeling it. Not fun at all.

My hubby knows no boundaries as far as the working world is concerned. Case in point...I was here at our car lot (where I am currently writing this post) until 12:45 am this morning (or last night if you want to be technical, it's your choice). Just working, working, working. And I can't even tell you what I accomplished but I know it must have been something, I'm sure.

There is always so much to do. When you run your own business, there is never enough time in a day to get everything you want done, actually done.

My hubby is a list-fanatic. He makes lists for everything. Every night, he re-writes his list. He always gets on to me about not keeping a list. Sometimes I do, but usually I just keep it all tracked in my brain. However, I do forget things when it's not written down from time to time (and thus get "talked to about not keeping up with my list!") oh, boy.

I've not been feeling very bloggy lately. That's not even a word. Well, it'll have to do. I still love reading all the blogs I'm following, but just not feeling the creative juices flowing. I've been trying to figure this one out for the past few days, but so far I've got nothing. So, I'll keep trying to figure it out. I was kind of hoping to give my blog some direction, and I've got some ideas, I just need to figure out which direction I'd like to go.

If you haven't figured out yet, this is just a purge of words. This is this week's assignment, to purge your words for a solid 15 minutes. Now the part I'm sort of cheating with (well, there is no sort of, I am) is the typos. I'm a creature of habit. When I mess up, my finger automatically hits the delete key (apple macbook air). Oh well. It is what it is. ;)

Right now my hubby and one of our workers are arguing about a car that they didn't "win" at auction today. "If it wasn't a 5-speed!" says my husband. Yea, people don't like to buy standard transmission vehicles anymore. Unless it's a really cool sports car, then maybe. But anything other than that, forget it. It'll sit on our lot for forever! We had this cute little VW Beetle for almost a year because it was a standard. So cute!! Oh well.

This weekend is New Years! Yay! I think my sis-in-law and I and a few others are going to do fondue on New Year's Eve. I've never had fondue. There are a couple "Simply Fondue" places around here, but I think making it ourself sounds like a better plan. She texted me earlier and said a friend was going to bring OJ and Champagne for Mimosas. I told her they could drink all the Mimosas they could handle all by themselves and no Mimosas for me. My last experience with a Mimosas was very scarring and ended up very yuckily (yay, another made up word!).

Is my time up yet? I guess not. They are still arguing. And my foot is itching terribly, but I don't want to take off my boots. So, I'm just stomping my foot on the ground in hopes it'll go away.

McDonald's has some really good hot chocolate. I'm a big hot chocolate fan since I'm not a coffee drinker. I sure would like to be cool and own one of those fancy coffee machines, but I don't drink it, so that would just be retarded. Times Up!

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Happy Wednesday!


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