The Freedom to Dance, Paint, and Gather Women in Circle

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The other day, my painting muse, Shiloh, invited me to write a letter to the soul sisters of the world. And so I did. Then, to my surprise, she asked me to write the response. This is what happened next...

Dear Stacey, Yes! We need to remember. We all need to remember each other, our connections, and the red thread that unites us all to each other, to the past, and to the future. There are women and girls suffering on our planet simply because they are women and girls. You, Stacey, are given the FREEDOM to dance, paint, and gather women in circle. You, Stacey, have permission and freedom to never settle for less than your heart + soul's desire. YOU have the freedom to dream, vision, and manifest. This is a gift. We do not all have this freedom. You, Stacey, have the opportunity to free women, to liberate women, to inspire and empower women to become the greatest expression of themselves. You, Stacey, have the opportunity to shift the consciousness + happiness of women around the world. Share your gifts always and forever. Love, The Soul Sisters of the World

Gulp. This letter that flowed out of me and onto my sheet of paper took my breath away. Every ounce of my being was filled with gratitude for my life, for my awakening, for my gifts, and for my FREEDOM. I also felt a fire burning inside of me telling me to move more intentionally towards being, living, and doing my great work (but, of course, first I have to nail down exactly what my great work is). What do you think the women of the world would tell YOU?


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