The freedom to just ask


Feeling free is the last thing I experience right now.

However determined to give freedom a go I have to keep going!
No turning back to the padded cage for me, I have a Garden of Eden beckoning me.  

We have done it!
The house is for sale.

We got the painter in and of course we signed up with a Real Estate agent.

Now that it is all official, I have a hard time coping with not knowing how it all is going to pan out.
Sometimes I am just plain scared; I keep thinking "what am I doing, selling my lovely haven?" and notice that I say "I".

I observe myself as per John's suggestion and I wonder why am I not elated.
Am I not freely right this moment pursuing my dream?
No, I am not elated.
I just have to look at my longest ‘to do’ list ever and I feel the panic rising.

When trickles of bad news stories about the down turn in the economy are coming my way, my hands instantly become sweaty.
Instead of enjoying the whole process, I wreak havoc with my mind and I need all the help I can get to turn the panic back into enjoyment.

But I am honestly trying my hardest to stop whimping and have a powerful, free woman show up.
Because one thing I have gotten from everything I have read and learned lately is that we are powerful creators beyond measure.
And besides that, I remember reading and hearing that we also can call on mighty allies, here and in the universe.

So we can do it, whatever we want to do; we just have to ask and play team.
I don't have to sweat it alone, well....
All I need to do now is to find my mighty allies, feel free to ask and get cracking.
After taking some deep breath, I look around and the first two allies I see are right there in front of me, John and the painter.
Although I see no angel wings, those two are apparently it.
But now what to do with my mighty allies?
I don't think handing over my long ‘to do’ list to them is somehow going to work.
However on my to do list is a lot of inside painting and although I just wanted to get on with it, John nudges me and suggests I could talk to the painter and ask for some tips at least.
I nearly said to him; "Never, I better let him get on with his stuff, he won't give his trade secrets away", but somehow I kept my lips zipped.
I looked at John, looked at the painter outside and thought; "Why not? After all they are my mighty allies."

So I shuffle outside and say; "Ahum, may I ask you something?"
And he says of course; "Yes, ask away" and I haven't looked back since.
(If you are looking for a great painter in New Zealand and keep your time free, ask me. I have his number!)
He is even helping me with a really hard part I didn't have a solution for myself.
Although my list is still long and it looks like it will be full on for the next few weeks, I somehow don't feel so bogged down anymore.

If I get stuck with something else, I just take a deep breath, remember to look for mighty allies and I might

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