The Freedom of Saying ‘Yes’

After driving for an hour with one eye open we arrived at our destination.  We climbed out of our rental car into the warm Hawaii morning ready to take a swim with the dolphins.  We had prepared ourselves for open water  with our non-drowsy Dramamine to prevent feeding the fishes with our breakfast.   After boarding, we met our fellow snorkelers; visitors from a variety of destinations.  As the motors started, everybody settled in for a three hour tour (yes I did just say that, LOL) with the crew of Sail Hawaii.  We were entertained by whales and whale song, swam with dolphins (including a baby), and large sea turtles.  Exciting times!

Speaking of meeting the people…yes, I was.  I found a chat with an Australian woman fascinating and I admired her courage for many reasons.  First she had both knees replaced 9 months earlier, and she was on a boat, second she was a large woman in a bathing suit, and she was on a boat, third she hadn’t snorkeled before, and she was on a boat.  Wow!  Oh, and I almost forgot, she had been on a 6 month tour by herself, through Europe and the U. S. granted by a sabbatical from her job.  She said “YES!” to living.  She said, “YES!” to living despite any inhibitions, fears, or disabilities.  That, my friends, is saying, “YES!” to standing up to be counted.  She wasn’t going to let anything hold her back.  What if she had said “No?”  She would have missed out on seeing life through adventurous eyes, had fears rule her life, and lived her life through a one lens perspective.  Now, she can say she has traveled the world, know what people in other countries really think, made friends, and created beautiful memories.

This Australian woman took a step toward a freedom filled life by saying “YES!”  What deep desire do you want to say “YES!” to?  Whenever you say “YES” to one thing you say “NO” to something else.  The decision is which choice to make.  What is in your best interest?  What does your gut tell you?

Let us find out together.


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