The Freeze. Here and at Augusta National Golf Course

I knew it was too good to be true.  My summer shirts are still hanging on the bottom rack of my closet because I knew there was no way that we would have spring from here on out.  Mother nature has been teasing us with temperatures warm enough to trick the trees and bushes into blooming 6 weeks early.

This is Wisconsin and we do get significant snow storms sometimes in April.  The best kind of storms are in April, where we will have beautiful snow for a day and melted very quickly.  But the National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for tomorrow night and all of our spring buds and blooms are going to be stunted or killed.  :(


This warm weather we've had lately has brought forth thoughts of golf and getting back out there this year and playing and enjoying it.  This used to be my favorite thing to do.  I'm putting all negativity out of my mind and eventually will hit the links with hubby.  Just not quite yet.  Maybe Saturday if the temperature is warm enough.  I really miss being out there.  And I've accepted that I'll only ever be a mediocre golfer and just go to be outside and for photos.  

And thoughts of golf remind me that this week is the Masters at Augusta National.  The professional men of golf get to compete for the coveted Green Jacket.  The male professional golfers.  Because even though it is 2012 August National still will not allow women golfers.  

They aren't allowed to be members or even play a round with their husbands.  Women are not allowed to play there and they never have been.  Every year or so, the question comes up again:  "when will you allow women members?" and the answers are always the same.  The members vote on this membership rule.  The old boys don't want women on their course.  Can you believe it?

This year the topic came up because Virginia Rometty is the incoming CEO of IBM and IBM is the sponsor of the Masters.  It puts Augusta National in a tricky position doesn’t it?  If they don’t allow her to be a member, IBM could conceivably pull their corporate funding for the event.   

So what will it be Old Boys?  Will the rule change in my lifetime?  I want to play at Augusta National Golf Course so bad, have you seen photographs of the course?  It is simply beautiful in the spring.  

LET US IN!  We won’t wreck your golf course I promise!  

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