French Bread Pizza

This is a really easy recipe where you pretty much choose whatever you want as your topping, just like you do with pizza.  Except this is even EASIER (cause if you're like me and usually make  your own pizza dough) all you have to do is buy the french loaf at the bakery and there ya have it people.  For mine, I took my loaf and cut it in half and then cut it down the middle, so I had 4 pieces total.  I drizzled the top of the bread with olive oil, spread on my store bought sauce,  and covered them with mozzarella cheese.  I stopped there for my two, cause I'm a cheese-only kinda girl.  For my husband's, I sauteed mushrooms and ham, caramelized some onion and cut up a roma tomato (cutting out the inside).  I topped all that on his two slices, then I sprinkled (okay I doused) parmesan cheese on all four slices.  I put these on a baking sheet and baked them @ 425 degrees for 15 minutes.  So GOOD!

Sauteing my mushrooms
I believe in lots of cheese
I simultaneously provided Piggie Smalls his teething fix every so often
Oh yeah baby, come to mama!


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