French Cookbook Giveaway

My thing is cooking. Well, really my thing is eating.
And since I have three kids and therefore little desire to sit in restaurants with them more than is absolutely necessary, my thing has turned out to be cooking.

I do it because I get a hankering for something and just have to have it. Or maybe I've had something delicious in a restaurant one of the few times I get to go to one and want to make it at home so I can have it again and again. Or I get an idea from a book or see something beautiful at the market that is begging me to eat it.

Because of all of this, I like to buy cookbooks, read food blogs, stalk food television websites and watch shows like the French and English versions of 'Come Dine with Me'.

My stash of the French cooking magazine I obsessively buy when checking out (either online or in person) has grown into an unwieldy tower on my kitchen shelving.

imagine this on your own leaning tower

I've found that reading cookbooks and easy, fairly self-explanatory things in French has helped me along with the language. My culinary vocabulary is really quite impressive.

And so, to you. The reason I am writing this post in the first place. I want to give you something.

And since I have this cookbook/magazine thing going on I thought I'd give you a little piece of my obsession, um collection.

This cookbook is from a popular French series called 'MaraboutChef'.
They have all kinds of cookbooks; some on ethnic foods, others for children, some just full of get the idea.

The one I'm giving away is all about appetizers or 'apéros & mini-bouchées', which simply means starters and bite-sized nibbles. There's a section on party planning plus 20 delicious looking cocktails to try.

mmmm, cocktails!

It is in French. Repeat. French. But that's because I live in France and that's where I bought it.
You'll like it and find that it is really fun to peruse, learn and flex your French muscles.

puffs of herbs & mushrooms and cheese & olives

Now. If you would like to win my appetizer cookbook straight from the top of my leaning tower, then all you have to do is this:

1) For one entry please leave a comment with your favorite cocktail or appetizer nibble.You can share the recipe, I'll try to make it and maybe even post about it, crediting you. (love fest)

2) For two entries please 'like' my Facebook page or follow me @conjirregverbs on Twitter and either write on my wall or tweet me to let me know. A wall comment or tweet will count as a 2nd entry if you're already a liker and tweeter.

3) Imagine yourself serving up tasty and very stylish starters in little cups like the French love so much, pps 58-59.

I will put all your names in a big magic name spinner and share the great news.
The 'French Cookbook Giveaway' will come to a close at midnight my time on the Thursday, 26th of January. This way you can get your book for Valentine's Day and whip up a romantic French apéro!


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