French toast or Pain Perdu



I've hesitated a bit about posting this simple breakfast (or dessert) which is pretty similar to French toast or Pain perdu. Not because it's not good (because it is!) but because I'm a bit ashamed of the Dutch name for it: wentelteefjes. In Dutch it's a really normal thing to say, you never give it a second thought, but translated in English you can't help but raise an eyebrow.

Ok, let's just say it, wentelteefjes literally means rotate or turn around bitches. We've been calling them wentelteefjes for quite a while, first mentions of it were found in an 17th century Dutch poem. The 'wentel' part of the word is easy to explain, it means rotate or turn around. The 'teefjes' part is the tricky bit, it seems that in the 17th century it was common to call certain types of cake a 'teefje', but nowadays we only use this word to express something completely different!

But we do love to eat them, so here's the recipe for Wentelteefjes with caramel sauce. Perfect for brunch or weekend breakfast! In the Netherlands we traditionally bake them in a pan, but I prefer to make them in the oven. The main reason for this is that I'm just a very lazy person and I like letting the oven do all the work. Plus it makes a pretty dish at the table. I've added a caramel sauce, don't skip it because it really makes all the difference!

Find the recipe at Eva in the Kitchen


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