Fresh Fava Bean Puree

I have literally been thinking about fresh fava beans for months.   They pop like popcorn into my brain every so often.  Last winter I was watching the Food Network and Giada had a recipe for pureed fava beans that really sang to me.  I used to avoid the gigantic pods at farmer's markets because I had no idea what to do with them.  But in the spirit of culinary adventures...Giada was my inspiration.  I find that the more adventuresome I am in the kitchen, the more I am in life.  So why not start with a green pea pod?  Who know what will happen next.
So yesterday morning I headed to the Ballard farmer's market in search of fresh favas.  I located a friendly stand and started slowly slipping pod after pod into my bag.  They were much softer and delicate than I expected.  They felt like they had just been pulled off the plant.  And an even bigger surprise was the fleece-like layer inside each pod, cushioning the beans. 


It was a beautiful sunny day, so I sat on the front porch carefully de-podding each bean.  What a brilliantly protective traveling case for the beans.  And every pod was different.  Some have four beans like the picture above.  A few had one giant bean next to a few tiny ones.  Others had three medium sized beans.  It was a little adventure seeing what each one would hold.


They look suspiciously similar to lima beans.  So if you can't find fava beans, frozen limas would be a close second for this spread.  I made the crackers pictured above, which will be the next post.  They are super easy, and very satisfying to make.  I also think a little bit of bacon might add a nice salty hint to this spread too.  So if you have some, try it and let me know if I need to make it again.


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