Friday!!! and Another Late Bachelorette Recap

It's Friday and thank goodness! This week was quite an interesting one for me with the whole two weeks notice thing. But no more feelings of sadness or uneasiness here for me, that is for sure. I won't go into that much, but let's just say that watching the movie Horrible Bosses last night was very apropos. It had just happened to come in on Kevin's Netflix and I will say it was really funny. And boy oh boy, did I ever need a laugh!

Anyway, let's move on. How about a little Bachelorette recap? Episode 4 was actually relatively entertaining. Doug got the one-on-one date in this episode and we learned that old Dougie has quite a temper. He couldn't handle the guys razzing him about the date, and had Emily not walked into the room, I think there may have been a little rumble. I've also heard rumors that Doug has a violent past. Would not be surprised about that. Ridiculous. The date was extremely boring and the most notable thing was Emily talking about how it seems like Doug is too perfect. So he claimed that his ex-girlfriend would have said that his flaws were that he spends too much time with his son and didn't wash his girlfriend's car enough. WTF? Sounds like a bunch of BS to me. (Can you tell I can't stand Doug?)

Idiot still got a rose, no big surprise there. Then it was time for the group date. This time the suitors were split into two teams and competed against each other in a sailing race. The winning team would get to spend more time with Emily that evening. Honestly, I found this part incredibly boring and kind of zoned out. Highlights were Ryan calling Emily a trophy wife (can't stand that guy either) and Jef getting the rose. Ryan also talked about holding Emily to high standards, who the hell does he think he is?!

Then came the dreaded two-on-one date and it was probably the most awkward one ever! John and Nate were the guys on this date and it was painful to watch. Hurt my soul I tell ya! The dinner in the cave proved to be Nate's downfall, though John really didn't impress in this one either. Nate is super cute, but is super shy and was trying to do better on this date. FAIL! I cringed at dinner when Nate not only started commenting on the quinoa, but also pronounced it incorrectly (he said kwin-oh-ah and it is pronounced keen-wah). Just terrible. Then while he was talking to Emily, he started to cry when he spoke about his family. Geeesh. The Bachelorette just isn't for guys like him. For obvious reasons he did not receive the rose and was sent home immediately.

Fast forward to the cocktail party, Chris and Doug get into it about the 25 year old guys like Chris being too young. Ironically, Doug (33 years old I think) was the immature one here. Ryan has more weird conversations with Emily and then has a conversation with Michael in which he basically states that he wants to be the next Bachelor next time around. Seriously, that dude sucks. Rose ceremony happens, Michael and Charlie are sent home, The End.

At this point, Arie is my favorite and Doug and Ryan are the bad guys. In my opinion, they are quite similar to each other in that they appear to have a chemical imbalance involving an overabundance of testosterone that makes them either too hotheaded (Doug) or bizarrely overconfident and arrogant (Ryan). Hope Emily starts seeing that soon!

-Miss Mare


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