Friday Bentos

I'm really starting to enjoy this now and can't WAIT for next week to try new things!!!  In the meantime, here's what Miss Girl had for lunch today:

 photo 2013-02-01083835_zps380acc02.jpg

All squished in one leftover lunchmeat container (starting at the top and going clockwise):  Half a veggie bologna and cheddar wrap with pickle, lettuce, and a little bit of dijon mustard; a quarter of a checkerboard apple; a few cubes of the same lovely fat mango her stars yesterday came from; a BabyBel cheese; and a baby yellow sweet pepper.

And here's my dinner:

 photo 2013-02-01135525_zps8a77ff73.jpg

Starting top right corner and going clockwise:  Tuna salad, red grapes, mango cubes, BabyBel cheese, carrot flowers, lettuce for my sandwich, a yellow and an orange baby sweet pepper, two picks of olives, and two little ham rosettes.  There's a roll for a sandwich up top, too.  Wish there was a little bit more green in this one, but I need to run to the store. Not a bad way to finish off the week!


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