Friday Confessions: I like a little bit of glam in my life

When I was a kid I loved to wear dresses. I'd have to double check with my mother but I seem to recall insisting on wearing dresses every day to kindergarten. (It sounds like something I'd do.) In high school and university I wore a lot of skirts and dresses when I could find them. I loved to dress up in old dresses and gowns when I could find them. I marveled at them. I still wear a lot of casual dresses but fancy ones? They make me catch my breath.

Sassymonkey Nutcracker ReadyI still like to play dress up. We have season tickets to the ballet. I'll be the first to admit that they are an extravagance but generally speaking an affordable one for us. We're pretty much homebodies. We don't do a lot of date nights. We don't eat out in restaurants a lot. We don't even go to the movies (or rent them) often. But at least three nights a year we get all dressed up and head to the theatre.

Yes, we still dress up for the theatre. The fake husband puts on a suit and pull a dress out of my closet. (After Christmas sales are the bomb for formal dresses). I do my hair, put on my make up and jewelry. I pull out pashminas and fancy little purses (thank you thrift stores and Chinatown). We are usually among the most dressed up there. I'm totally ok with that.

My first job out of university was in a super-casual workplace. I mean a jeans and flipflops kind of workplace. Since I left that job I've mostly worked at home. Dressing up for the theatre is a nice change for me. It's not that it makes me feel beautiful. I'm beautiful at home in my sweats and so are you.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the country and going to the theatre and ballet were things that only happened in novels and old black and white Hollywood movies, but going to the ballet feels glamourous to me. No, people don't dress up with jewels anymore and fur coats are decided out of fashion. It's not like those old movies. I can't deny that there's still a bit of glam about it though. When I walk through those doors and into the theatre I'm ready to see magic and the ballet delivers.

So later today I'll go into my closet and pick out a dress. I'll grab a pair of heels. (It's winter. I'm in boots until we park at the theatre). I'll grab one of those little handbags and take the case off my iPhone so it will actually fit. I'll put on makeup and dip in my costume jewelry. I'll go out tonight and I'll stand a bit straighter than I do in my jeans.

And when I sit down in too low and somewhat uncomfortable theatre seat I'll be ready, head to toe, for the magic to begin. Because tonight I'm playing dress-up. I'm staring in my own old Hollywood film.

But tomorrow it will be back to jeans and sweats and you know, that rocks too.

What feels glamourous to you?

Photo credit: Me, ready for a performance of The Nutcracker in December 2009.

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