Friday Favorites

// Yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday, and this article is just one more piece of evidence why J. K. Rowling's books were such an important part of my generation's childhood.  Did you know that children who have read the HP series are more accepting people?

// We all know that I love social media, especially Twitter.  But one thing I hate about Facebook and Twitter and Instagram?  The need to connect them all.  Each social media platform is a little bit different (except maybe Facebook and Google+...they seem pretty much identical to me), and sharing the exact same post across all of those platforms seems a little pointless and counterintuitive.  Nicole has a great post on why you should go disconnect all your social media platforms now.

// Shameless plug here, but I'm pretty darn excited about the feminist link-up Marielle and I have planned.  Interested?  Our first link-up is Thursday, August 8!

// The fact that there are two more of these awesome videos up on Youtube since I last checked.  Beyonce is amazing, and listening to her incredible writing as spoken work rather than as music? just have to watch for yourself.

// The fact that Skillshare exists.  One of the things I'll miss most about college is being able to learn - not just classes for my major and minor, but electives I had the opportunity to take.  Trust me when I say I considered sitting in on large lecture-hall classes in the fall where I knew the professors wouldn't notice me.  Or when I say being a life-time student seems like a pretty great idea to me.  
Skillshare has some great FREE classes though, and that's something I'm not passing up on!
// Speaking of things I've learned in classes, I remember taking a Friendship Communications (yes, that was a real class, and no it was not pointless) class in college where one of the first discussions my professor introduced was that of why romantic relationships seem to take precedence over platonic ones.  It's something that's stuck with me, and this article published onThe Page Girls is so beautifully written I couldn't not share it (so good, in fact, that I just used a double negative).
// This infographic from Pet Flow telling us why cats can be good for your health
 And that's all I have for you this week.  What have you been loving lately?


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