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Hey ya’ll – welcome to the weekend.  As you know – we don’t stand on formalities here at The Liminal State which means that I can do whatever I want and you can come along for the ride, so in keeping with my tradition of breaking my own formatting rules, I have veered off the path set by my own carefully chosen title and included a couple of links that are non-bloggy…but there is a method to my madness.

Many of the blogs I read fall into the genre of creative non-fiction – they are essays written by essay writers.  I don’t think that fact is acknowledged enough when folks talk about “bloggers.”  We are writers, not simply web content/copy providers, bloggers, – we write essays – and we’re good at it.  Sometimes we swing a little high and loose with the structure or bend the traditional rules of grammar a bit but that’s where the “creative” part comes into play.  So today’s Friday Favorites focuses on the art of the essay.  I have three fabulously written essays – two are from blogs, the third from an online literary journal.  My fourth pick isn’t an essay but an article from the New York Times. It features one of America’s greatest essay writers so I feel justified in its inclusion – please refer to paragraph one above.

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