Friday Finds - Farm to Fork

Organic... Natural... Eco Friendly... GREEN!  We hear these words so much more often these days.  I love it.  Any chance to improve and clean my children's intake and lessen my carbon foot print on the world, the better!  Is it just me or all of you hearing of a number of friends, family, neighbors these days that have sustainable gardens of veggies and even now have their own chickens lately?  I, as you may already know reading this blog, have a strong desire to start my own garden.  It is the will/capacity/know-how that I am lacking.  Therefore, I am declaring today...ONE OF THESE DAYS, I'm going to shock you and actually get a garden started!  Maybe even a raised bed and everything! =) In the meantime, I found a fabulous website that I'm so excited to share with you all.  Its called Local Harvest.  It is a wonderful resource for all the local organic food grown close to you! How many of you know what a CSA is?  CSA's are Community Supported Agriculture is a system in which consumers receive food directly from the farmers who produce it.  HOW GREAT IS THAT? So definitely check it out and it will put you in touch with any local farms where you can purchase your veggies, eggs, fruits, or become even more involved like a CSA!  Farm to Fork as my dear friend likes to put it! For your convenience you can even search your zip code right from here: Zip Code or City:
Image: Local Harvest


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