Friday Five: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple noteworthy and toast worthy happenings from the week.

Here's to a great start to the basketball season.

 Here's to yet-to-be inspiration (in a roll). 

Does anyone else share this tendency - to buy things without knowing what you are going to do with them? I couldn't pass these little rolls of wrapping paper up. Again, I don't know right now what they'll become but I'll have fun figuring it out! 


Let's hear it for all the patient little sisters out there who sit through all their big brother's activities. 

 Here's to not over thinking the small stuff.

In the past finding the "right" color of paint could have taken weeks. I made it simple, went with my gut, and am halfway done. (Aren't painting vents the worst?) 

 Here's to learning to pick the right attitude. 

I was grumpy about our weather yesterday, especially after talking to someone in another area who was enjoying a beautiful sunshiny day. Then I talked to someone in a completely different area who was out and about in absolutely freezing weather which made me immediately thankful for my weather.

My Oprah Aha Moment: Someone out there will always have it better, someone out there will always have it worse. Choosing the right attitude and learning to be happy with what you have will always make everything better.    

happy to have rain boots for when the weather gets ducky.


What will you be toasting to tonight?


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