Friday: Lucky Shirts and Squash

I spent Thurs night trying not to lay on my left side/shoulder.  And as a side-sleeper that turns back and forth, that is tough.  Waking up with the arthritis pain still there was disappointing.  I took two more Aleve and headed off to the gym to ride a stationary bike.  At least it was something.  It has improved as the day has gone on.

Food Friday was a scone for breakfast, some chicken sausage and a sweet potato for lunch.  A peach, some snack mix and carrots in the afternoon.  And a pork roast with corn and potatoes for dinner.  Also, I tried spaghetti squash for the first time.  I am on the fence about it.  I really can't decide what I think.  It is not spaghetti.  And not really squash.

I am over talking (and hearing) about the NYC Marathon.  I stand behind my original position.  If they could run it, they should.  They decided today that they can't.  A little too late for those that had already traveled.

Just for kicks and giggles, here is an incredibly bad race photo.  Every race photo had my ponytail flying out to the side!  My own freak flag.  But if this is what it looks like to PR, I will take the crappy photo every time!  And that has become my lucky shirt.  I need to make sure I wear it for the 10k on Sunday!  I raced to a 2nd place AG finish in that shirt and then my 5k PR.  Thank you, Rotarians.

Do you have a lucky, go-to outfit?

What do you do with spaghetti squash?


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