Friday, November 9, 2012
If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?

Three years ago I had no options available as an outlet at my job. That is when I started my blog. When you have nowhere to go, you go to the writing block. 

Now I have a lot of choices available to me and I can't make up my mind where to do or what to do. 

Two weeks ago I asked for a divine intervention, for someone to tap me on the shoulder and guide me in a direction. I was at a conference and the speaker actually sought me out after the talk. That was divine.  

So here is my wish list:

1. I have at least 12 years left in the work place. I would like to leave it personally fulfilled and leave on my terms and feeling loved. 

2. I would like to travel more.I would like to plan a trip with my husband and feel free. There is a big world out there. I have personal reasons why I would visit Australia and Costa Rica but I haven't even thought about plans. 

3. I would like more flexibility to work, play, exercise, be creative and productive. I actually had that perfect reality for 3 years, 15 years ago. Would love that again.

4. I want to go to France, Italy, Spain.Portugal. Some day. 

5. The lottery would be an excellent reasont to make all of the above happen sooner than later. Yeah!

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