Friday: She'll be stumblng round the mountain.....

Friday, I took the day off.  And I was prompted out the door, allbeit late, by a text from my sister.  I didn't get there at the same time as her, but she had more miles planned that I did so we thought we would cross in the middle somewhere. We ran the Desert Classic Trail (part of it) which is a rolling, multi-use trail.  I managed to do 6 miles, which is reasonable on a new trail and on a sunny day.  We crossed paths at my 2.6 mark and then she waited for me at the end  I really did struggle with the last 2 miles.  I got sloppy, tired, started stumbling and tripping on things and then just didn't trust myself or my footing.  But I will take it as good, quality time on my feet and on the trail.

New Year's Day HikeRun: 6 miles / 1:31

The rest of the day was spent running errands and getting froyo. What can be wrong with that?

Friday Food:

Breakfast:  Coffee and 1/2 a Costco pumpkin muffin

Lunch; Starbucks frappuchino and snack mix, carrots, raspberries

Snack: Salted Caramel froyo with snickers and heath bar toppings

Dinner: Chunky chicken noodle soup and pringles

And look what the grocery store gave me?  Wine was on sale, plus another 25% off if you bought 6.  ABSOLUTELY.  And they gave me this neat bag to carry it all home in.  The definition of enablers.  On sale, volume discount, easy transportation.  They know I will be a valuable customer.


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