Friday Wrap-Up

This week has been interesting and I'm glad that it's almost over.

My insomnia came back to visit & I did not invite it in. I do not want to go through another long spell of sleeplessness. I don't have the time, energy or want of it. Too much stressing about jobs, money, etc. You know, life stuff. Time to bring what matters & my goals back into focus.

The best thing about this week was the weather. It rained a lot but that's okay because the soil needs it. We had 2 warm, sunny days, in my neck of the woods. I loved it! Not warm to some, but perfect, light-jacket-wearing weather, to me. Rain is in the forecast for the weekend but that's okay because there's plenty for me to do in the house.

Any plans this weekend? Or is it a chill-out weekend for you?

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Song of the Week:We Built This City - Platinum & Gold Collection: Starship We Built This City, Starship,  compilation, 2004, BMG Music. Platinum & Gold Collection: Starship. See We Built This City. (Links may not work in all countries.)

Till next time,


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