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NaBloPoMo May, Day 4

Friday, May 4, 2012
Who wouldn't let you play with them as a child?

See here we go again.  Focusing on the negative.  Or dredging up hard feelings from our childhood.  My childhood was rough enough and I’ve been trying to keep it under wraps, the bad parts anyway.  

So instead I will talk about something different.  A friend.

Marcia (pronounced Marci) and I may have been friends in first grade, we had the same teacher at Lafayette grade school .  We discovered this commonality when we became friends as teenagers.  In second grade, I was moved to the new school that was built closer to my house, James Buchanan Elementary, and I headed a different direction.  Eventually I ended up at St. Joe’s Catholic school up on the Hill.  Marcia lived on the Hill.  

The Hill was close enough to my home as a young teen that I could walk, but I often hitchhiked.  (shudders).  If I cut through Bausman and the Manor Shopping center, I could get to Lafayette playground and that was where I met Marcia again.

She lived right across the street from the school and we used to hang out together on the school playground.  Marcia was my first girl crush.  I just loved her.  Still do, but I haven’t seen or talked to her in several years.  Perhaps several decades.  Yes, definitely decades.

When we were older teens, we lived together for a little while above Speedy’s sub shop, on the third floor, which was about a bazillion stairs up to get too.  She had a little baby Eric, and I loved both of them dearly.  Marcia was the sister I never had.  

Again in our lives, we took off in different directions, she got married and moved to California, and I was off selling magazines door to door with a magazine crew around the USA for three years.  When I finally jumped off the crazy magazine train, I joined the army and put in a year before being discharged.  I met my ex husband shortly after getting back home from Germany and things changed in my life forever.

I ended up married and living in Lititz with my perfect little family.  The last time Marcia came to my house to visit

with her kids she told me I was living the dream, that I was a Yuppie.  I just laughed, because even though we had a nice bi level home, we were renting it from my husbands dad.  I didn’t feel like we were living like Yuppies.  Yuppies had money.  We did not have money!  But we were happy. 

I was wrapped up in my life with the kids/family and boating and church and all the things you do as a young married couple with little kids and Marcia and I fell out of touch again. 

And then I moved to Wisconsin 12 years ago.  I haven’t seen hide nor hair of my beautiful wonderful friend in so long.  But then came Facebook.  I found her!  But she’s not a computer user.  We did write each other a few long emails catching up on our lives since we had last seen each other and there were some terribly heartbreaking moments in her life.

Even though we haven’t spoken in years, or seen each other for even longer, I still feel as though Marcia is my best friend.  My sister.  And if we meet up one day, it will feel like we never left off, just like it always did after not seeing each other for a while when we were young.  



I miss you Marcia!


NaBloPoMo May 2012

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