A Friend In Need Is A Terrible Thing To Have

Sometimes when you meet someone who has somehow impacted your life, it is a meet and greet with a few emails - or an actual paper-envelope-stamped mailed card during the holidays. Very rarely does it evolve into a deep, heart-felt friendship. How do I know, well, it is not like I have actually met a lot of people who have impacted my life, but the few I have - Mike Ditka, Karen Calabrese, Stella Foster, Joanne Bamberger, Barack Obama - are not my " buddies". When I met Rae Lewis-Thornton, I was amazed and grateful and immediately started thanking her for her sacrifice. She was tweeting, as she does 24/7, about HIV/AIDS and educating sexually active people in a way that gets their attention! I can't remember why we were tweeting, but she needed advice and I answered her. We communicated back and forth and I encouraged her to blog. We've been 'standing in the gap' for one another pretty much ever since. She is an awesome and loyal friend and immensely smart and funny. Rae is humble, strong and I call her a soldier. Weathering the storm of HIV/AIDS, and caring enough about others to teach, preach and console strangers is not for everyone. Lately I have noticed that she has not been as perky, have enough to eat, or having as many tweet-ups! She used to have at least 3 a year! Rae is struggling emotionally and financially. You can read about her latest battle here http://www.Raelewisthornton.com I started an online fundraiser to give her some peace of mind. She will be more affective when she is not worrying about bills and food. As always, I am feeling that I am not doing enough. I hope you all can spread the word for me. A friend in need is a terrible thing to have. https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/wrz2/rae-lewis-thornton-life-fund

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