Friendly Husband, Chilly Wife. Now What?

There's a couple I've known for a few years.  We have lots of mutual friends and see each often at various social events.  We're also neighbors.  In theory, we could get together on our own, and not just rely on others to get us together.  Except there's one problem.  I don't think the wife likes me.  It's awkward.


The husband --who I'll call Ben-- and I get along really well.  We hit it off right away when we met.  We work in the same industry, have similar personalities, and seem to find the same things interesting and funny.  When we run into each other at our friends' parties, we always spend lots of time talking.


And I want to make it clear, Ben's not flirting with me.  Our conversations are lighthearted, fun, and entirely G-rated.  Anyone can join in.


It's different with the wife --Sharon.  She's pleasant to me but a little distant.  We don't seem to have that much in common and our personalities are very different.  There are lots of silences when we attempt to make the smallest of small talk.


I know better than to hog the attention of another woman's husband at a party --even though it's innocent-- so I keep trying to draw her into the conversation, but it never really works.  I keep trying because I don't want her to think I'm interested in anything from her husband but fun and interesting conversation.



I don't do other people's husbands.  Never have.  I think it's wrong…plus, what would I want with a man who cheats?  I don't think a lot of wives know this about me or maybe they just don't believe me.  And, in a way, why should they believe me:  lots of women have affairs with married men.  Just not me.


Anyway, I ran into this couple the other day at a restaurant near my house.  Read more…








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