Friends Are Like Opiates. Or Crushes. Either Way.

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For a few years there, I fell madly in love with newlywedhood and I forgot the importance of true, deep female friends.

Or maybe I was able to get my female companionship from the two amazing couples we spent the bulk of our newlywed time with -- but when one up and moved to Iowa, and the other to Vancouver, my husband and I found ourselves staring back at one another over a positive pregnancy test going, "Where did our support system just go?"

There was a time when, each time I made a new friend, I thought to myself, "This will probably be the last friend I ever make." It just seemed logical. I was working in increasingly isolating situations, and my friends from NYU had all relocated to LA anyway. What did I need more friends for?

Photo of my bachelorette party

I didn't. What I needed was to nurture the incredible women who I've come to call friends in my lifetime, and continue to be open to the incredible women this big bad internet seems to want to bring into my world on a daily basis.

I turned thirty this month. In the past decade, I've found friendship in the most unexpected places. The names NYU randomly printed up on a piece of paper continue to be some of the most important women in my life. A girl I met at a work dinner has changed me forever and spent many a night on my couch. A fellow assistant in the trenches of Hollywood still always shows up to catch me before I fall. Girls I was in diapers with now change the diapers of my daughter, just so I can catch a quick break. A screen name that stood out to me and made me take that first step from "online" to "real life."

This year, those girls helped me climb out of the crazy abyss of postpartum depression.

And any of those girls I'd want to escape to a tropical island with.


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