You know I am just as guilty as anyone else……Allowing people to remain at some poisition in my life that should not remain close up and personal or even at all in my life…In other words there are people that for whatever the reason I should have let go long ago but didn’t….I kept holding on thinking maybe I was wrong about them although my Spirit told me I was right…Right in the sense I was wrong to keep them around me in any sense….

I no longer do this….I have always been very particular about people I let up close to my life….And yet, there have been times that I questioned even my precise ability to discern who is who…..I have always had this gift of knowing what people were about even before I got to know them…Some simply call it a keen intuition… I simply call it “My Gift….”

I have never questioned that I have great discernment….I can even tell what people are like I have never met in person…..maybe not even heard there voice via phone call….maybe just via email or postings on a virtual site gave me enough info to know they did or did not belong in my life up close and personal….To me even virtual sites are like allowing someone into our home…..Not much difference….Actually we can get to know some people better virtually than in person…

I now have come to rely on my intuition more so than ever in making great judgment calls…….I would rather rely on my intuition than my mind much of the time. Our intuition is a gift that used right we can discern many things our minds are too busy to discern. We simply have to listen to what our Souls are trying to tell us…

Time and Time again when I chose to ignore what my intuition was telling me I came up wrong….I found that that unsettling feeling I had about another person was right on…..That I could have spared myself a few issues had I simply left them go from my life…..Parted ways….I believe if possible when parting ways to do it as nicely as possible….If possible just let it slip away. What we ignore usually will go away anyhow….But sometimes one has to be more direct….and I am good at that also….Don’t like to be, but I can easily be direct when needed. I simply tell the other person that although I consider them a nice person the relationship isn’t right for me…..Of course every situation is different and unique and must be handled in the right ways for the realationship……Not all people can we be direct with….Discernment is key….

Most recently I had to let go of a friendship…..The person really became too demanding of my time…..Wanted to almost control me through our friendship….So I simply let them know it wasn’t working. I appreciated our great times together….but I wanted to part ways touching base now and then to say “hi” and know that we are still on good terms….

Another relationship was strictly virtual….A woman friend with an “edge” to her personality….I never knew when she was going to sort of snap at me…..So I simply let that one go too…..

Relationships are not always easy to let go of….but they are a lot harder to continue with if they are the wrong relationship….So for me I have become good at not continuing on with a relationship that is not right for my life as soon as I sense it is not right…..It provides the space needed for all the RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS that are out there for me….We can’t fill something up that is already filled up….We have to make space for healthy and new relationships….

Some Friends should not be friends…..They shouldn’t be an enemy either…They just sort of should be like a stranger that we met along the way that we knew a lot about but that is no longer in our day to day life…….Fortunately most people we do not have to do this with. Most people are pretty good. And many that we even let go of, we can still be on casual good terms with….just simply not up close and personal…


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