Fro-Yo and Free Stuff

There's a new frozen yogurt place called Yoppi
a couple blocks from my office in SF-- and for the grand opening, they
were running all sorts of promotions.  Hey, fro-yo is a pretty big draw
in and of itself, and when you add free stuff, I'm so there!

It's slightly different from most places because it's self-serve,
and you also pay by weight ($0.45/oz).  The toppings are also
self-serve, so if you are more a toppings than yogurt person, this is a
great place to hit up.

Their 4 flavors are chocolate (super rich and almost ice-cream
like), pomegranate, green apple, and tart (a plain yogurt flavor).  I
went for the chocolate pomegranate swirl, and then went crazy at the
toppings bar.  They have your standard berries, chocolate shavings, and
nuts, but then they also offer mango, lychee, mochi, new york
cheesecake bites, crushed oreos, and a whole host of granola-based
toppings.  Don't even get me started on the 10 syrups they had

I like their flavors, and the concept is cool.  However, the cups
are GINORMOUS.  Even the "small" was probably a 16oz cup, and the
"large" was bigger than a Ben and Jerry's container.  I suppose it
encourages customers to fill up the cups, but honestly, I could do
without another reminder of the gluttony that is so widespread in the

When I got to the counter, it turns out I did pretty well-- $2.50
got me a decent-sized swirl of yogurt plus my desired toppings (see how
big the cup is?!?!), and I even got a free canvas tote!  Hello, new
shopping bag.

Ok, ok, so I'm a little crazy to be eating frozen yogurt in the middle of November.  Do you ever do weird things like that?


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