Frozen Embryos and Donor Eggs In The News This Month

More Magazine December 2008 (Meredith Vieira on the cover) has an article on page 73 about Diana Thomas "The Egg Banker" who started a donor egg service is expanding with a new division, Cryo Eggs International that will offer women the option of using frozen eggs, eliminating the need to sync the donor and recipient's cycles as well as eliminating the geographical considerations.  Awesome stuff, though still early in perfecting the freezing of eggs it will revolutionize donating eggs and hopefully lower the cost!! 

USA Today December 4, 2008 (Life Section) had an article entitled "Fertility patients unsure what to do with leftover embryos" Yeah.  I have some personal experience with this one which I will explain in a future post.  A study showed two-thirds are likely to be used, the rest don't really know.  This will continue to be an issue as more and more women use infertility services.

The Wall Street Journal December 9, 2008 in Health "Ova Time: Women Line Up To Donate Eggs - For Money" Ok, I don't like the last 'for money' but a very fair article raising awareness and that is a good thing. 

After all the cycles I have been through where I had to pay to go through the discomfort of super ovulating, the thought of getting paid $2,500 to $5,000 to just produce the eggs sounds like a pretty good deal.  No anxiety or devastation of a negative pregnancy test? 

Too bad they aren't looking for 41 year old egg donors with proven infertility!!!!!!!


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